Bay Street Advisors is a retained executive search and advisory firm focused on providing human capital solutions to some of the industry's top financial institutions. The firm combines a deep understanding of each client's business with in-depth industry knowledge to assist in the development of sustainable strategic advantages. To this end, Bay Street Advisors leverages the executive search industry’s best research and direct access to more leading financial services executives.

Bay Street Advisors remains flexible in the manner in which it executes various solutions on behalf of clients in order to address each of the unique requirements and business models of each institution. The firm’s clients include a range of institutions, ranging from global investment banks with annual revenues in excess of $20 billion and asset managers with more than $100 billion in assets under management to boutique advisors and financing specialists and startups.


Every search and competitive intelligence project is unique due to the different challenges facing each client and their target market segment. Therefore, timelines for completing projects can vary widely depending on several variables, including the size and scope of the project, target business group, client's specific financial or reputational standing, depth of candidate pool, and the current state of the business cycle. Regardless of these factors, Bay Street Advisors strictly adheres to the industry's highest standards for delivery to ensure that client expectations are met and every mandate is executed successfully in a timely manner.

At the commencement of every new project, Bay Street Advisors attempts to provide an accurate time estimate for completing the mandate. This estimate typically includes anticipation of worse-case scenarios and establishing contingency plans in the event market conditions change. As a basis for every search, Bay Street Advisors utilizes a comprehensive process that follows several basic steps:

Execution & Guarantee

Bay Street Advisors provides retained executive-level search and competitive intelligence services for the financial services industry, including identification and advice on individual, team and whole-business acquisitions and mergers. In addition to a fee structure geared towards success completion, every retained mandate is backed by a guarantee. This guarantee is supported by the industry leading track record of the Partners in successfully completing more than 95% of all retained assignments.

Commitment to Diversity

Bay Street Advisors recognizes that a diverse workforce contributes to improved efficiency and greater innovation within businesses. We are committed to working with our clients to achieve their diversity goals while attracting the best talent.

Through the course of each mandate, Bay Street Advisors proactively seeks to provide its clients with a diverse candidate selection. The firm also endeavors to promote its clients as equal opportunity organizations provided they seek to employ their industry’s top professionals irrespective of race, religion or belief, gender, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

— Lawrence Baum
Managing Partner & Head, Fixed Income,
Currency & Commodities (FICC)

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